Gaznet OÜ is a sales and service partner for norwegian Multiple Element Gas Container (MEGC containers) in Russia and Eastern Europe, including Poland, Ukraine, the Baltics and the Balkan countries. Production is made by Umoe Advanced Composites AS. Our acknowledges and engineering capabilities allow us to supply besides transport solutions also, storage and refilling applications.

Gaznet is using mobile MEGC containers for filling solutions in addition to installing and maintaining gas appliances. All applications are ADR approved and inspected.

The benefits of this MEGC are lightness, extreme high flow, safety and the amount of charge and discharge that no competitor can offer. The UAC container lasts 3 times longer than the average steel container and needs spend up to 10 times less testing.

Gaznet is active in various gas system applications market from 2005 and has a great network of partners and customers. Our activities are, light weight transportation CNG and H2 (hydrogen) containers

Robust technology helps Biogas producer to be more flexible while supplying gas. Container can be divided into sections, that if it has different customers in one location, its possible to divide the amount of gas as requested.

CNG, Biogas and Hydrogen are fuels for today’s issue with CO2 production buy human activities. And we are solving issues of transportation of these gases.

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