You might have heard of CNG vehicles as they are gaining popularity each day. CNG or compressed natural gas is considered as an environmentally friendly alternative to other fuels, being made by compressing methane down to 1% of its volume and kept in a cng cylinder.

Where is CNG used and stored?

CNG can be used in different fields, however it is traditionally used for vehicles either alone, with a segregated liquid fuel system or in conjunction with another fuel type. CNG is often used to replace petrol, diesel fuel and liquefied petroleum gas, also known as LPG.

CNG is stored in CNG cylinders, which are stronger and sturdier than usual petrol tanks. There are multiple types of CNG cylinders, with different size, weight, material and capacity.

CNG is safer compared to other fuels

The usage of CNG and CNG vehicles is gaining popularity as it is better for the environment, safer and a cheaper alternative than other used fuels. Even in the case of a spill, the gas disperses quickly away from the vehicle minimizing the chance of a fire hazard.

Another positive side of CNG is its ignition point, 540°C, which is almost double the ignition point of petrol or diesel. So adding together the gaseous state of CNG and the high ignition point, you get one of the safest alternatives for vehicle fuel.

Existing petrol vehicle can be converted to a CNG vehicle

If you wish to convert your petrol vehicle into a CNG-based or dual-fuel vehicle, it is possible to do that in authorized shops. Converting a vehicle into a CNG vehicle involves installing a CNG cylinder plumbing, a CNG injection system and electronics.

The CNG cylinder is usually stored in the trunk of a car or in case of a truck, the back of the driver cabin or on the sides. When converting your vehicle into a CNG vehicle, you do have to keep in mind that a CNG cylinder could take up much space in the trunk. However with factory-built CNG vehicles there is no such problem, as the CNG cylinder and CNG system is built under the body of the vehicle.

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