CNG and Hydrogen storage products

Gaznet offers various CNG and hydrogen storage and transportation solutions since 2005. We offer advanced solutions, uncompromising quality and highly competitive prices.

Gaznet is a sales and service partner for Norwegian Multiple Element Gas Container (MEGC) in Russia and Eastern Europe, including Poland, Ukraine, Baltics, Balkan and Mediterranean countries. We are is using mobile MEGC containers for filling solutions in addition to installing and maintaining gas appliances. All applications are ADR approved and inspected. Containers are made in Norway by Umoe Advanced Composites AS, which is the leading global supplier of large type IV fibreglass pressure vessels and transportation modules for CNG, biogas and hydrogen.


Dedicated Teams

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalising their experiences.


It is approved according to ADR (and TPED), regulations for dangerous transport in the ADR area (Europe and other countries).
PED for stationary storage units.
RID for railway application
IMDG /IGF for applications at sea

High Standards

Our CNG and hydrogen containers are approved in accordance with EN 12245 and far exceed the requirements of this standard. This is especially important when testing for defects, impact tests and fire tests.

Competitive Price

Best price in the market, even comparable to steel cylinder container. Low-cost type IV pressure vessels in lightweight, robust fibreglass composite significantly reduce lifecycle costs, while preserving quality, safety and the lifetime of our products.


Innovation readiness and capability, complementary background and experience of our team represent a unique potential for our further advances in CNG and hydrogen applications in the storage and transportation industries.

Individual Approach

Each client and his project needs an individual engineering solution. Use our contact details for a consultation.


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