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hydrogen gas transportation skid

We offer type IV high-pressure vessels for CNG, biogas and hydrogen storage. Vessels are produced with plastic liner, stainless steel end bosses and composite structures, made of high-strength, lightweight fibreglass and epoxy resin. Our hydrogen storage containers offer the highest safety levels in high-pressure storage and transportation of large volumes of hydrogen, combined with the low price of our services per kg of hydrogen. Our hydrogen, as well as CNG storage solutions, are type-approved according to EN 12245, ADR and TPED.

Non-toxic and non-corrosive properties of our pressure vessels for hydrogen storage benefit the lifetime of solutions by eliminating the risk of galvanic oxidization. Weight savings, temperature tolerances, long-term design life and enhanced safety levels offered by glass fibre pressure vessels challenge alternative solutions in steel or other composite materials.

Life-time hydrogen storage solution

Weight reduction

Type IV pressure vessels in robust fibreglass for hydrogen storage offer up to 70% weight reduction compared to steel skids.


Secure and profitable hydrogen storage and transportation solutions. The combination of type IV low-weight pressure vessels and the secure structural design of our fully metal containers offer increased safety and greater space utilization for on-road transportation of larger volumes of compressed hydrogen.

Hydrogen pressure vessels in fibreglass and epoxy resin materials are lightweight, robust and non-corrosive. They offer
excellent fatigue durability, wide temperature tolerances, increased safety and cost-efficiency, challenging traditional
steel or carbon fibre alternatives. We supply standard configurations and tailored solutions for hydrogen storage to meet specific customer requirements and regulatory standards.

– Minimum safety factor is 3,0.

– Customized manifold solutions.

– Certified for gas temperatures of -40°C / +65°C.

– Type-approved according to EN 12245-3, ADR/TPED/PED.

Technical indicators

– Pressures up to 350 bar.

– Storage capacity of 600 – 2 400 litres per pressure vessel.

–  Storage capacity of up to 42 350 water volumes per hydrogen container.

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