Why our containers?


Type IV CNG storage tank have a plastic lining, stainless steel end fittings. Those composite construction of high-strength fiberglass and epoxy resin. The use of such materials eliminates problems with corrosion, and also guarantees the absence of galvanic corrosion.

Type IV cylinders are recommended for the following reasons:

– Used for CNG storage on vehicles since 1992 and have only positive reviews.
-The longest history of operation – more than 50 years in various industries, primarily in aerospace.
-No registered explosions of this cylinder type in the entire history of their use
-Provide significant weight reduction compared to steel cylinders (up to 75%), and therefore allow for a more complete use of vehicle capacity and reduce carbon emissions
– Chemically and UV resistant
– Corrosion resistant – regardless of the quality of the fuel, an optimal choice for coastal areas.
– High impact strength
– Resistant to fatigue failure
– Gas permeability and leakage measurements are much lower than the minimum required by the standards.
– The longest life cycle compared to other types of cylinders
– Life cycle can be monitored

Quality standards

The cylinders are approved in accordance with EN 12245 and far exceed the requirements of this standard. This is especially important when testing for defects, impact tests and fire tests. Comply with ISO 1439 and ECE R-110 requirements, which are much higher than the requirements of the basic standards for metal cylinders.
– Tested for a 30-year life cycle, whereas the service life is set to 20 years
– Absolutely safe when shot by a firearm.


Best price in market, even comparable to steel cylinder container

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