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CNG and Hydrogen Storage Products & Transportation Solutions

The mobile CNG refueling station GN-001 was built for refueling Pärnu city CNG buses. Our customer, a biomethane producer in Koksvere, has ordered GN-001 to offer gas filling service to his customers. At the same time, the filling station serves also other vehicles powered by methane.

Mobile CNG refueling station GN-001

Filling Nozzles

The mobile CNG refuelling station has two types of filling nozzles: NGV1 and NGV2. NGV1 filling nozzle has a flow meter.


The payment function is available via bank terminal.

High Standards

All mobile CNG station units are manufactured in accordance with ADR regulations and ISO standards.

Uninterrupted Operation

Mobile CNG storage containers are connected to the GN-001, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the filling station.


Our CNG and hydrogen containers have a plastic lining, stainless steel end fittings and composite construction of high-strength fibreglass and epoxy resin. The use of such materials eliminates problems with corrosion, and also guarantees the absence of galvanic corrosion.

Personal Approach

GN-001 is just one example of our capabilities. Each client and his project needs an individual engineering solution. Use our contact details and social buttons below for a consultation.

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