While the world is opting for cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions, CNG storage cylinders have gained significant attention. Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a great energy-saving solution to run appliances or vehicles without harming the environment, however there have been some myths about the safety. This blog post will debunk the three main myths regarding CNG storage cylinders.

Most common myths regarding CNG storage cylinders

As with any other energy source, safety is and should be the top priority when considering the possible solution. While CNG storage cylinders are known for their environmental benefits and cost-effectiveness, it is crucial to address the possible misconceptions and myths regarding their safety. Here are three most popular myths regarding CNG storage cylinders:

Myth 1: CNG cylinders are prone to explosions

CNG storage cylinders are designed with safety as a top priority. They are constructed to withstand different storing conditions, including high pressure and impact. Furthermore, CNG cylinders undergo various testing and certification processes to ensure their structural integrity and meeting industry standards. CNG storage cylinders explosions are rare and typically result from misuse or damage.

Myth 2: CNG is highly flammable, therefore dangerous

Even though CNG is flammable, it has a narrow flammability range and a higher ignition temperature than gasoline or diesel, which reduces the risk of accidental ignition and makes it safer than other fuels. CNG cylinder storage requires a specific concentration in the air to ignite, however it is rarely achieved in normal circumstances. This and reinforced CNG storage cylinder frames reduce the risk of explosion of a CNG run vehicle in accidents.

Myth 3: CNG cylinder storages are prone to leaks

All CNG cylinder storages include pressure relief devices and automatically shut-off valves to prevent possible leaks. However regular maintenance and inspections are essential to minimize the risk of leaks and to ensure a long life-span of the CNG cylinder storage. 

The safety of CNG storage cylinders requires maintenance

CNG storage cylinders are engineered with safety and long life-span in mind. CNG storage cylinders remain as a viable and safe option for those seeking a cleaner and more sustainable energy solution for transportation, heating, or industrial applications. However, as with any other energy source, the safety of CNG storage cylinders depend on proper handling, maintenance and following safety guidelines.