CNG storage cylinders are used for CNG vehicles, transferring high-pressure gas through fuel lines ignited by a spark plug. Read more about CNG products here.

Types of CNG storage cylinders

A CNG storage cylinder is a product used for a CNG vehicle, typically used at the back of the vehicle transferring high-pressure gas through fuel lines and eventually being ignited by a spark plug. CNG vehicles and CNG storage cylinders have a huge impact on the environment by reducing air pollution.

CNG storage cylinders for high-quality gas

CNG storage cylinders include compressed natural gas, which is produced by compressing natural gas to less than 1% of its volume at a standard atmospheric pressure. CNG storage cylinders are used on CNG vehicles to store the CNG, where the gas remains in a gaseous state under pressure.

CNG storage cylinders include high quality gas with no sulfur and tin additives which normally cause damage to the vehicle by putting additional load on the engine parts, catalyst and lambda sensor. Therefore having a CNG vehicle with a CNG storage cylinder helps to reduce costs on the vehicle maintenance and repair.

Types of CNG storage cylinders

CNG storage cylinders are mostly used for construction vehicles, buses and trucks, which help to reduce the operation cost of the CNG vehicles and air pollution in cities. There are five different types of CNG storage cylinders:

Type I CNG storage cylinders:

  •  Made of cr34Mo4 steel
  •  Heaviest option for CNG storage cylinders
  • Most cost-effective for CNG cars and other light-duty vehicles
  • Suitable for static applications

    Type II CNG storage cylinders:

  • Manufactured with a steel liner
  • Winding material glass fiber
  • Lighter in weight than type 1 CNG storage cylinders
  • High pressure resistance

Type III CNG storage cylinders:

  • Thin and lightweight aluminum liner
  • Fully overwrapped with carbon composite or mixture of fibers
  • Lighter than type II CNG storage cylinders

    Type IV CNG storage cylinders:

  • At least 50% lighter than previous types CNG storage cylinders
  • High pressure carbon or glass fiber reinforced plastic structure
  • Polyethylene plastic internal liner
  • Glass fiber robust technology
  • High price in carbon fiber tanks
  • Glass fiber completive with type I and II CNG storage cylinders
  • Widely used in as hydrogen storage and transport cylinders
  • UMOE advanced composite work pressures (WP) available up 450 bars.

    Type V CNG storage cylinders:

  • Next generation CNG storage cylinders
  • Without internal liner
  • Not widely available offers CNG storage cylinders types I and II for CNG trucks, buses and construction vehicles. You can see the list of CNG products and get a quote here.